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Sticky: Getting Married in Turkey

Turkey is becoming increasingly popular wedding location for those who either do not relish the ideal of a long haul flight for a wedding in the sun or for those who’s overall budget does not stretch the costs involved

It is worth remembering

The weather is spectacular from May through to October

The Mediterranean beaches are stunning and you can marry on any one of them!

Prices are still very reasonable

The Turkish are the most helpful and accommodating people on our planet

Where children are involved all Turkish people love little ones

There are some fabulous wedding venues in Turkey and the process of getting married in Turkey could not be easier. Turkey can provide ideal beach wedding locations at a reasonable price and with no long haul flight to contend with.  Whether you want a small intimate wedding or intend to push the boat out with a large number of family and friends – we can find a package to match your dreams and expectations.

 MY WEDDING IN TURKEY Honeymoon Villa can help you with all aspects of that special day from wedding venues and wedding pictures to extra special romantic treats for your loved one. We have a range of options for your wedding night, your honeymoon and can also organise accomodation for family and friends.

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Honeymoon Villa visits Dim Cay

Honeymoon Villa Alanya has so many beautiful photos to share so we have decided to post 1 or 2 photos each day for friends and followers. Todays photo is a photo taken of Justin and Rebecca enjoying a lazy lunch and afternoon in the floating restaurants of Dim Cay. Ahhh they look so happy.

Justin and Rebecca at Dim Cay
Dim Cay is one of the best places in Alanya during the hottest months of July and August as the water in the river remains icy cold and refreshing. On Sundays in August you will find all the locals visiting for a picnic in the shade and a cool down in the water. All Honeymoon Villa Photo Albums have been posted by Photobucket by Honeyinalanya.

Justina and Rebecca at Dim Cay

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