My Wedding in Turkey

Weddings in Turkey

Weddings in Turkey

Turkey is the ideal location for a wedding in the sun and Alanya is becoming increasingly popular wedding destination choice for couples of many nationalities. There is a wide choice of venues on offer ranging from simple and romantic to elegant and glamorous. There are no long haul flights to contend with and there literally is something wonderful for everyone regardless of budget.

My Wedding in Turkey works in partnership with local service providers all with excellent reputations, high quality services and excellent value for money. We help you find the most suitable service providers for your particular needs, communicate your requirements and ensure that your instructions are never forgotten, lost in translation or left til the last minute. We can support you with the legal paperwor, finding the best venue, organising accommodation for guests,  communicating and liaising with event managers and anything else necessary to ensure your day runs like a dream with no last minute stress spoiling your enjoyment.

Please browse our website – we are currently updating it with new venues, products and service providers for 2011

If you have a question – then please do not hesitate to ask us – you can use our contact form on the left sidebar.

If you have a very different ideas for your wedding from the norm then let us know.

If we can help you we will  – in Turkey – most things are possible!

We have excellent business contacts for venue decorations, chair covers, bows, flowers, cakes, wedding dresses, wedding favours, live music, food, drink, transport (including a horse drawn pink carriage!) .

We have good suggestions for small weddings, large weddings, quiet weddings, ostentatious weddings.

We have a range of villas, apartments and hotels for guest accommodation, most of our venues are suitable for indoor, outdoor, daytime and evening  wedding parties.

We hope that My Wedding in Turkey can be of service to you.

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Getting married in Turkey

Getting married in Turkey


Getting married in Turkey is very straightforward although there is paperwork which needs to be completed before the wedding both in your own country and in Turkey

Once the legal requirements have been met you can marry virtually ANYWHERE so long as you have an official registrar in attendance.

These things must be done before you leave the UK

The most important thing of all – because you cannot get married without it – is for the bride and groom to get a Certificate of No Impediment from their local registry office.

This document proves to Turkish officials that you are legally able to marry.

Here are the instructions from the Government Agency dealing with these applications in England and Wales

A Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) is a certificate which confirms there are no objections to your proposed marriage.

The following must be done before submitting your application for this certificate.

You must publicly announce your intended marriage through a notice which must be in your local newspaper for at least one week: that is, seven consecutive days in a daily newspaper or once only in a weekly newspaper.

The application form provides details of the correct and legally acceptable wording of the announcement. Please ensure you use the correct wording when placing your announcement or you risk invalidating the application

You must swear an Affidavit in front of a Commissioner of Oaths. Again, a specimen affidavit is included in the application form. Please reproduce the correct text onto another piece of paper – do not use the specimen provided.

The Affidavit should bear the official stamp of the Commissioner of Oaths

These documents must then be translated into Turkish by the appropriate official agency

So long as the paperwork is completed satisfactorily in the UK we can arrange for the official paperwork can be completed in Turkey within one week of receiving it.

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